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Are you planning to add insulation to your home? If yes, then reading through this write-up would surely come in handy. This write-up is about insulation machines that have gained significant popularity in recent times. In spite of having several options on the market, most homeowners are picking this machine. Yes, we are talking about insulation blowing machines. There are several reasons why people are opting for blown-in insulation instead of spray foam or batt insulation. This article would introduce you to those reasons and educate you about the right way of using an insulation blowing machine.

Why More and More People Have Started Using Insulation Blowing Machines?

To put it bluntly, these machines are gaining popularity due to the wide array of benefits it offers over the other available options. Here are the most prominent benefits offered by blown-in insulation.

These machines are much more efficient, even though there are different systems for handing insulation.

When it comes to efficiency, insulation blowing machines score more impressively than those using fiberglass batts. That is primarily because insulation with loose-fill includes use of monolithic insulating layers without any seam. Batts, on the other hand, contain seamed insulation. Studies conducted over the years have revealed that insulation with loose-fill is capable of performing as much as 22 percent better compared to batts boasting similar R value.

Installing the insulation blowing machines is extremely easy


This feature makes the insulation blowing machines favorites of the DIY fans. For professionals, on the other hand, the time required for installing these units are usually much lower than the time they need for installing other kinds of insulating machines. A couple of installers would be enough for the job (one would feed the material into the blowing machine, while the other would remain at the attic to spread insulation from the hose’s opposite end); and they will need just a few hours for completing it. If you have decided to do the entire job all by yourself, you will also need only one person to assist you.

Expect the machine to be a healthy investment

You will start earning almost from the moment you install an insulation blowing machine in your home. In other words, this investment would offer you fastest returns among all home improvement projects. Are you wondering how? It is simple; the moment your attic will get loose-fill insulation, your energy bills will start decreasing. It has been found that the total amount of money you will be saving on your energy bills during the next two years following the installation would not only pay for the machine, but will also bring in impressive returns for you.

How to Use an Insulation Blowing Machine?

Now that you know the benefits of this insulation machine, you must be planning to get it installed in your home. The process of installing and using the equipment is extremely easy and you will be able to do it all by yourself. This means, you will get to save more money.

Blow insulation machine
Blower system break apart

The things you will need

The items you will need for completing the job flawlessly include a stud finder, drill, bread knife, towels and range, pencil, loose fill insulation, expanding foam fillers, and a saw adapter with circular hole. If you don’t have all the items mentioned above in your home, try to borrow it from your neighbor or friends. If you fail to gather them even from people you know, it would be wise to get the insulation installed by a professional. That’s because buying such equipment would mean that you will neither be able to escape expenditure nor you will be able to avoid putting in additional effort. So, it is better to spend a few bucks and get the job done by a professional installer.

The section below would introduce you to the steps of setting up and using insulation blowing machines. Read on to know more.

Step One- Install the insulation blowing machine

We would advise you to set the machine up outside your house. It would be a good idea to avoid installing it indoors as these machines tend to create significant amount of dust. After placing the machine at a suitable place outside your home, pass its hose through a window (pick any window of your choice). You are now ready for beginning to blow insulation.

Step Two- Pack the machine with the loose-fill insulation

For completing this step, you would need assistance from another family member. He or she would complete the job of filling the unit with adequate quantity of loose-fill insulation. The majority of the insulation blowing machines available on the market would require you to remove the machine’s cover and pack its basin with the material. If the machine you are using is of a different kind, read through the manufacturer’s manual carefully for learning the loading method. However, that’s unlikely to happen.

Step three- Begin blowing insulation

Now, you will need to work with the hose you passed through the window. Begin by passing the hose through the first aperture. Once you complete the job successfully, wrap the hose’s exterior using a towel or rag. Now, you will need your assistant again. Ask him or her to turn the machine on. Once the machine is turned on, start blowing the insulation between those studs on the wall.

You must be wondering about the duration for which you should ideally blow the insulation. That’s actually one of the most vital parts of the process. We would suggest you to continue until you find the machine struggling. In other words, keep blowing until you start experiencing some form of resistant inside the hose. The resistance is basically a sign which indicates that the area has been filled with insulation.

Finally, you are done. The only thing that’s left now is sitting and enjoying your stay at an insulated home.

Are you wondering about the right place for buying insulation machines? These days, buying such machines from reputable online stores would be the wisest decision. However, before you place your order, make sure you check reviews and feedbacks from existing users of the machine picked by you.