Insulation Blowing Machine

Blowing Machine for Insulation

It is necessary to insulate the walls of a house, as this will prevent cool or warm air from coming in and out of the house. You can save a lot of electricity if the walls are properly insulated. Irrespective of how the weather is, you can keep the house cozy when you use a heater or an air conditioning unit. This, there is no need to run these full machines blast (and suffer from high electricity bills), as long as the home has insulation which could be created from wool for high temperatures.


When insulating an existing closed-up wall, it is ideal to do it by using the blown-in insulation method. You need to have an insulation blowing machine for this task. insulation blowing machine is intended to deal with most free fill insulation materials: cellulose, fiberglass, fleece or mineral. Employment that used to take hours to finish is beneficially completed in a fraction of the time. Contractual workers incline toward insulation blowing machines as a result of the creation rate, unwavering quality, and flexibility each machine gives to their business. Substantial gage all-steel development and a guarantee to the most noteworthy principles of value craftsmanship, in addition to supported by a two-year guarantee, gives undaunted execution to years of nonstop utilize. Meyer insulation blowing machines are a straightforward, dependable and effective approach to expand benefits in your contractual worker business.You can rent an insulation blowing machine if you intend to do the job by yourself. However, it is a tedious task, which would often require a professional for efficiency in insulating the house.

There are different types of insulation blowing machines. Each type contains standard components such as the blower, hopper, the hose and the engine. Here are more particulars about the insulation blowing machine types.

machine for blown insulation
Blowing machine

1. Professional or Commercial-Grade Insulation Blowing Machine

This type of blower has the massive capacity and heavy-duty materials. These professional-grade blowers can force in about 85 to 135 bags of insulation materials per hour. Some brands of blowers contain odor-free materials that are noncombustible and noncorrosive. For instance, Northern White blowing insulation does not contain chemicals that cause bacteria or mildew. Moreover, the material used with this blower will not absorb any amount of moisture that would cause decay.

Industrial-type blowers are also enormous in size. Some machines have a huge dimension of six feet by four feet and a hefty weight of up to 1,500 pounds. These blowers used for commercial purposes cost from $16,000 and above. Nevertheless, you will find the blowers very efficient to use if you are working on a huge construction.

2. Lower-Capacity Insulation Blowing Machine

If you think that a blower that costs several thousand dollars is too overwhelming, you can consider using a blower with lower capacity. These blowers cost much cheaper, thus making them ideal for a low-budget company. However, you will expect lower volume and capacity specs with these machines. Several brands of lower-capacity blowers can force in about 450 pounds of fiberglass or 2000 pounds of cellulose insulation per hour. Hence, this type of blower is ideal for residential buildings and even commercial establishments that do not require a massive blowing insulation machine.

The lower-capacity blower is also quite light, as compared to professional-grade ones. You can also move the machine easily because it comes with wheels. A typical blower with low capacity weighs about 300 pounds, and it can fit perfectly at the back of a truck.

Aside from the size and capacity of the two types of blowers, there is also a difference in how they are powered. The professional grade blowers use gas to power the motors, while the low capacity can use about 20 amp of the household circuit.


The Advantages of Blowing Insulation Over Rolled Insulation


Notwithstanding the fact that rolled insulation is specially manufactured to fit right in between standard finished studs or joists – it just can’t match the “fill” of the professionally installed insulation blowing machine. Insulation is blowing machine gives ideal execution since it fits safely into each niche and corner, it will fill each break and cleft and encompass each bit of conductor and each hindrance, giving a great deal more successful boundary than moved insulation.

Speed of Installation

A group of qualified professionals will turn out to your home with the greater part of the vital hardware to appropriately deal with, in a matter of a couple of hours, what it could have taken you a couple of days to do with rolled insulation. Notwithstanding the speed, they’ll have the capacity to get into territories with blown in insulation that you would have never longed for getting into with your moves of insulation.


Considering the cost of the materials, the larger amount of assurance from the components that blown in insulation has over moved insulation, and the measure of time and work that you won’t need to contribute, it could be extremely certainly justified regardless of a smidgen higher of an underlying speculation to have the passed up professionals. You may come to find that the cash you are saving money on your vitality bills will help pay for that additional cost in the blink of an eye.

If your house was worked before 1970, odds are you may have no insulation at all in your dividers, and you presumably have lacking measures of insulation in your storage room and your creep space. The insulation in your storage room or slither space might break down, or water harmed and essentially might be unequipped for giving the assurance that your home needs from the components.

Contingent on your area or circumstance, rolled insulation might just be all that could be needed to suit your specific needs, yet in regions with unpleasant, brutal atmosphere transforms you may need to be blown in insulation introduced for your home to be as productive on vitality as would be prudent

Although the insulation process may appear simple, it is still much better to leave the work to professionals. Renting a blower can cost you about a hundred dollars; moreover, the whole process can be very long and tiring. The process is also quite tricky because you have to do the insulation perfectly to achieve excellent results. Hence, it would do you well to consult a professional who can handle the insulation of your walls in your house.